Diploma for Hair Stylist:
Advance Course in Hairdressing


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Despite having years of expertise in the hairdressing area, you may sense that your employment has stagnated or are unsure of how to advance your skills. If you are longing for career opportunities that will enable you to realise your aspirations such as becoming a hairstylist, you can enrol in Le Classic’s Advance Diploma Course in Hairdressing. This hairstylist diploma course will provide you the knowledge and qualifications you need to take on more senior positions in hair salons or even start your own hairdressing business.

You can picture yourself, as a professional hair stylist in Malaysia, confidently styling hair for a high-end fashion show as a graduate of the Advance Course in Hairdressing while surrounded by cameras and harsh lights. You can expertly alter models into walking pieces of art, captivating the audience with your technical know-how and visionary flair.

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Program Information


  • 16 months

Key Dates

  • Every month

Entry Requirements

  • Beginner

The Advance Course in Hairdressing is an intensive and specialised program designed for experienced hairdressers who want to take their skills and knowledge to the next level. This hair stylist diploma course is ideal for individuals looking to polish their hairdressing skills, increase their knowledge of the ever-growing beauty industry, and keep up with the latest trends and techniques. This hair diploma course fits hairdressers who already have experience in the hairdressing industry and have used their skills on actual models. Furthermore, this course is suitable for those who already have a Diploma in Hairdressing and want to become senior hair stylists in the industry.

The Advance Diploma Course in Hairdressing strongly emphasises customer service, consultation, and business management, preparing graduates to take on leadership roles within the industry. The Advance Diploma Course has further master classes from expert professionals with an emphasis on more practical lessons and further studies of hairdressing. Participants will learn how to communicate effectively with clients, provide personalised recommendations, and build long-term client relationships.

  • Fundamental Hairdressing knowledge
  • Advanced & Modern Hairdressing technique
  • 4-8 weeks of live model training with educator supervision
  • More Live model experience
  • Salon and academy advance in-house training
  • Latest and advanced trends training
  • Internship in Le Classic Salon with full salary & Commission

Experienced hairdressers can develop their knowledge and skill by taking the Advance Course in Hairdressing. Here are some salient features of the programme:

  • Graduates will be more knowledgeable and skilled in the field of hairdressing.
  • Graduates will be prepared with the knowledge and qualifications required to hold higher executive salon roles.
  • Graduates will be equipped to launch their hair salons.

Program Structure

Stage 1


  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Shampoo + Conditioning & Blowdry
  • Scalp & Hair Diagnosis
  • Hair Cutting
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Straightening
  • Hair Perming



  • Hair& Scalp
    – Front & Back Wash
    – Apply Scalp & Hair Treatment
  • Hairstyling
    – 4 & horseshoe section
    – Finger dry
    – Blow Straight (Flat / Natural)
    – Blow C Curl
    – Blow Horizontal Curl In & Out
    – Blow Forward
    – Curling tong in & Out (Horizontal / Vertical)
    – Flat Iron (Straight / C Curl)
  • Hair Cutting
    – Baseline (Horizontal / U shape / )
    – Blunt Cut / Point Cut
    – Thinning
    – Long Hair Cut (Long Layer 135°
    – 180° / Round Layer 45° – 90° / Forward Layer 45°-90° / Square Layer)
    – Long Fringe / Curtain Bangs / Air Bangs
    – Reverse Graduation (Horizontal / Concave)
    – Graduation (Horizontal / Vertical / Concave)
    – Ladies Short Hair
    – Men’s Hair Cut (Korean Hairstyle / Pompadour / Quiff)
    – Scissors Over Comb / Clipper Over Comb / Clipper with Attachment
  • Hair Coloring
    – Root Touch Up
    – 123 Touch Application
    – Basic Color Formulation on Theory & Hair Tuft
  • Hair Straightening
    – Application (Softening / Fixing)
    – Flit ironing with gloves
    – Demonstration on Rebonding
  • Hair Perming
    – Winding (Vertical / Horizontal
    – Full head / Half Head
Stage 2


  • Personal Grooming
  • Full Consultation
  • Photography / Videography / Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Scalp & Hair Diagnosis (Treatment)



  • Hair & Scalp Care
    – Scalp diagnosis (Scanner)
    – Keratin Treatment
    – Lymphatic massage
  • Hair Styling
    – Pony Tail (High / Medium / Low / Korean)
    – Braid (3 Strand Under Over / French / Dutch / Twist)
    – Bun (High / Low / Princess)
    – Back Comb
  • Hair Cutting
    – Shoulder Length (Reverse Graduation Vertical / Horizontal / Long Layer 180° / Forward Layer)
    – Short Length (Graduation bob (Concave & Vertical)
    – High Layer / Inner Layer
    – Fading
  • Hair Coloring
    – Highlight (Weave / underneath highlight / Ear Loop Highlight)
    – Color Toning
    – Intermediate Color Formulation & Hair Tuft
    – Bleach & Shampoo Bleach
  • Hair Perming
    – C Curl Winding
    – Half Curl Winding
    – Full Curl Winding
    – Short hair Perm
    – Demo Hot Perm
  • Live Model
  • Events & Activities
Stage 3


  • Le Classic Air Wave Perm / Plus
  • Le Classic’s Signature Frizz Control
  • Le Classic’s Signature Bodily Straight
  • Advance Color
  • Business Management



  • Hair Cutting
    – Long & Shoulder Length (Inner Layer / Le Clasic’s Advance Layer / Advance Combination Layer)
    – Slicing
    – Thinning Mid Length
    – Short Hair (Horizontal Graduation Bob / Pixie Hair Cut Mature & Trendy / Asymmetric)
  • Hair Straightening
    – Le Classic’s Frizz Control
    – Le Classic’s Bodily Straight
  • Hair Coloring
    – Advance Color Formulation on Hair Tuft
    – Balayage (Natural / Ombre / Highlight)
    – Baby Weave Highlight
    – Air Touch
  • Assessment
    – Air Wave Perm Plus
    – Straightening
    – Air Touch
    – Men’s Perm
  • Events & Activities
Stage 4
  • Live Model
  • In House Training by Educator Director & CEO with Latest Technique / Trend
  • Event & Activities
Stage 5
  • Internship
    – Le Classic Hair Studio
    – Le Colorem
  • Final Assessment
    – Air Wave Perm Plus
    – Air Touch
    – Frizz Control
    – Men’s Perm
    – Graduation Artwork

Career Pathways

Enrol into the programme
Theory based lessons
Live model training
Final evaluation
Graduation after successfully completing final evaluation
Post-graduate degree
Job position as junior hairstylist and assistant hairstylist
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What are the requirements for the 16 months Advance Diploma in Professional Hairdressing?
No age limit, No SPM required, passionate and interest will do.
Is the 16 months Advance Diploma in Hairdressing available for beginners with no prior experience?
Yes, our programme is designed for beginners and provide comprehensive training to develop fundamental skills in hairdressing.
What are the differences between 8 months Diploma in Professional Hairdressing vs 16 months Advance Diploma in Hairdressing Course?
The first and most apparent difference is the length of the program. The 8-month diploma is typically shorter, focusing on core hairdressing skills and techniques, while the 16-month advanced diploma offers a more comprehensive curriculum, covering advanced concepts and providing additional practical experience through an internship.
Can I start up with 8 months program first and then decide the 16 months program later?
Yes, you may make the decision later.
What is the Class Hour for the program?
From Monday till Friday, 10am till 5pm.
Will I have the opportunity to work with real clients during the program?
Yes, our program provide opportunities to work with real clients under the supervision of experienced Educator.
What career opportunities are available after completing the Advance Diploma in Hairdressing program?
After completing the Advance Diploma in Hairdressing program, you can pursue various career paths such as a hairstylist, colorist, salon owner, or even work in the entertainment or fashion industry.
What is the average income after I complete the program?
A minimum of RM 3,000 is guaranteed.

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