Work and Study Hairdressing Programme


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There are individuals who prefer learning hairdressing methods and styles solely through theoretical and practical lessons from an instructor. Others excel in real-life situations where they can apply their learning.

If you’re someone seeking to enhance their hairdressing skills while gaining hands-on salon experience, consider LE CLASSIC’s Work and Study Hairstyling Programme. This programme allows students to both learn and work concurrently, catering to those who thrive in practical learning environments.

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Program Information


  • 14 months

Key Dates

  • Every month

Entry Requirements

  • Beginner
The Work and Study Programmes in hairdressing is a unique and practical course that combines academic learning with real-life work experience in a salon. The programme is designed for students who are looking to gain hands-on experience in the hairdressing industry, while also receiving formal training and guidance from experienced instructors. Students will work alongside experienced professionals in a salon setting, where they will be able to put their skills and knowledge to practise while learning from their mentors.
  • 2 months full learning schedule + 16 months of work-study schedule
  • Study fees sponsorship to ease the financial burden
  • Monthly allowance*
  • Partially provide accommodation*
  • Fundamental Hairdressing Knowledge
  • Advance & Modern Hairdressing technique
  • Demonstration and Hands-on practice with guidance
  • Handling live model with educator & Stylist supervision
  • Communication Skill theory Knowledge
  • Photography & Videography knowledge
  • Social Media management knowledge
  • Comprehensive Business Management Knowledge by Founder

The Work and Study Programmes offer students unique opportunities to enhance their hairdressing skills and gain practical experience.

  • Students will develop a comprehensive understanding of the hairdressing industry and its workings.
  • Teaches students practical communication skills to interact with clients and build long-lasting relationships.
  • Upon graduation, students will possess the skills and qualifications necessary to pursue a fulfilling career as a salon stylist, colour specialist or platform artist.

Program Structure

Stage 1


  • Skin
  • Hair
  • Shampoo + Conditioning & Blowdry
  • Scalp & Hair Diagnosis
  • Hair Cutting
  • Hair Coloring
  • Hair Straightening
  • Hair Perming



  • Hair& Scalp
    – Front & Back Wash
    – Apply Scalp & Hair Treatment
  • Hairstyling
    – 4 & Horseshoe Section
    – Finger dry
    – Blow Straight (Flat / Natural)
    – Blow C Curl
    – Blow Horizontal Curl in & Out
    – Blow Forward
    – Curling tong in & Out (Horizontal / Vertical)
    – Flat Iron (Straight / C Curl)
  • Hair Cutting
    – Baseline (Horizontal / U Shape / )
    – Blunt Cut / Point Cut
    – Thinning
    – Long Hair Cut (Long Layer 135° – 180° / Round Layer 45° – 90° / Forward Layer 45°-90° / Square Layer)
    – Long Fringe / Curtain Bangs / Air Bangs
    – Reverse Graduation (Horizontal / Concave)
    – Graduation (Horizontal / Vertical / Concave)
    – Ladies Short Hair
    – Men’s Hair Cut (Korean Hairstyle / Pompadour / Quiff)
    – Scissors Over Comb / Clipper Over Comb / Clipper with Attachment
  • Hair Coloring
    – Root Touch Up
    – 123 Touch Application
    – Basic Color Formulation on Theory & Hair Tuft
  • Hair Straightening
    – Application (Softening / Fixing)
    – Flit ironing with gloves
    – Demonstration on Rebonding
  • Hair Perming
    – Winding (Vertical / Horizontal
    – Full head / Half Head
Stage 2


  • Personal Grooming
  • Full Consultation
  • Photography / Videography / Editing
  • Social Media Management
  • Scalp & Hair Diagnosis (Treatment)



  • Hair & Scalp Care
    – Scalp diagnosis (Scanner)
    – Keratin Treatment
    – Lymphatic massage
  • Hair Styling
    – Pony Tail (High / Medium / Low / Korean)
    – Braid (3 Strand Under Over / French / Dutch / Twist)
    – Bun (High / Low / Princess)
    – Back Comb
  • Hair Cutting
    – Shoulder Length (Reverse Graduation Vertical / Horizontal / Long Layer 180° / Forward Layer)
    – Short Length (Graduation bob (Concave & Vertical)
    – High Layer / Inner Layer
    – Fading
  • Hair Coloring
    – Highlight (Weave / underneath highlight / Ear Loop Highlight)
    – Color Toning
    – Intermediate Color Formulation & Hair Tuft
    – Bleach & Shampoo Bleach
  • Hair Perming
    – C Curl Winding
    – Half Curl Winding
    – Full Curl Winding
    – Short hair Perm
    – Demo Hot Perm
  • Live Model in Salon and Academy
Stage 3


  • Le Classic Air Wave Perm / Plus
  • Le Classic’s Signature Frizz Control
  • Le Classic’s Signature Bodily Straight
  • Advance Color
  • Business Management



  • Hair Cutting
    – Long & Shoulder Length (Inner Layer / Le Clasic’s Advance Layer / Advance Combination Layer)
    – Slicing
    – Thinning Mid length
    – Short Hair (Horizontal Graduation Bob / Pixie Hair Cut Mature & Trendy / Asymmetric)
  • Hair Straightening
    – Le Classic’s Frizz Control
    – Le Classic’s Bodily Straight
  • Hair Coloring
    – Advance Color Formulation on Hair Tuft
    – Balayage (Natural / Ombre / Highlight)
    – Baby Weave Highlight
    – Air Touch
  • Assessment
    – Air Wave Perm Plus
    – Straightening
    – Air Touch
    – Men’s Perm
  • Live Model in Salon and Academy

Career Pathways

2x months full theory learning schedule
16x months of work-study schedule
Hands-on practice
Handle live model
Final evaluation
Graduation after successfully completing final evaluation
Post-graduate degree
Job position as hairstylist
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Student Reviews

" College life is fun. My classmates and teachers are very friendly. The environment and space need to be improved. "
- Viann
" The college environment is very good, but the college space needs to be improved. The classes are also very atmospheric. The teachers are very nice and willing to share knowledge so that we can absorb more different things😍 "
- Wing Qd


What is a work-study hairdressing program?
A work-study hairdressing program is a vocational training program that combines Academy learning with hands-on work experience in a salon.
What are the benefits of a work-study hairdressing program?
The benefits include gaining practical experience, building a professional network, developing technical skills, and increasing employability in the hairdressing industry.
Can I earn a salary while participating in a work-study hairdressing program?
Yes, work-study programs offer a salary for the work hours spent in the salon.
Are work-study hairdressing programs available for beginners with no prior experience?
Yes, our programme is designed for beginners and provide comprehensive training to develop fundamental skills in hairdressing.
What are the entry requirements for a work-study hairdressing program?
Passionate in hairdressing with A minimum age of 15 and maximum of 25.
Will I receive a certification upon completing a work-study hairdressing program?
Yes, upon successful completion, you will generally receive a Diploma in Professional Hairdressing.
Will I have the opportunity to work with real clients during the program?
Yes, work-study programs provide opportunities to work with real clients under the supervision of experienced professionals.
Are there any job placement services provided after completing a work-study hairdressing program?
Job employment guarantee.

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